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With Ready-to-Use Magical Stock Art

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✅ Royalty-free stock art aligned for your spiritual business

✅ Unlimited downloads to beautifully illustrate your message

✅ Instant access to our growing library of over 2000 bespoke artworks valued at over $50,000 that match you brand perfectly

✅ New art added every week

✅ Easily searchable themed artwork in curated albums
✅ You request the themes you need each month in our suggestion box
✅ All artwork can be used for personal, editorial and commercial use, anywhere online or in-person, no credit necessary

✅ Inspirational and high vibe art to look at every day that makes you feel good and inspires you to write
✅ Add-on options for custom exclusive artwork
✅ No-hassle, cancel any time
✅ Price is USD

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Here's what you can use the stock art for:

Social Media & 
Email Content

Quickly find the imagery that matches the vibration of your regular content. Not sure what to post? Scroll through the gallery for inspiration to get you started.

Website Images & Artwork

Create your online presence in a way that easily matches what you're writing and match your imagery to your vibe and the right vibe for your audience.


Sales calls? Client calls? Networking calls? Raise the vibration in the virtual room quickly by using one of the images from the gallery as a background. 

Tarot Cards 
& Journals

Make creating your products and printouts a fun and inspirational process! No more exhausting yourself to find the right images - make creating what you imagine a breeze.

& Programs

Designing your courses, programs, and paid content shouldn't leave you wasting time scrolling to find something that visually matches the power of what you're sharing.

Logo & Podcast 

Get inspiration for all your artwork. Whether that's podcast art or even your logo for your business--find something that aligns with your vibe and your message.

Turn your content creation process into an inspiring, high vibration experience

"I'm super love with the logo already! Soooooo much better than some of the options I'd been looking at."

Kerri B.
Magic Morpho

"I am so inspired with the artwork. It is making me want to WRITE! The art is exactly the vibes I have been looking for.."

Sara V.
Somatic Practitioner

"I highly recommend getting a piece of artwork done by her. You won't be disappointed!"

Tracy K.

Meet Some of Our Members...

"It's inspiring to me, and I feel like also when I write something and then I go and I look and I see does she have something for me there and sure enough, she does. It's been a beautiful illustration of what I'm trying to say with my words."

- Lindsey S, Energy Healer

"It is absolutely beautiful. I enjoy looking at it every day. It's enchanting, it's magical, it's colorful, it's vibrant. The work is just unbelievably beautiful. And it's actually inspired me to write my own book and produce an online course."

- Gian G, Reiki Practitioner

"I had this other membership that I wasn't resonating as much with. So I let go of that one and joined this instead...I knew there a few images I could use right away. Then as I started to work on my programs and wanting to reference pictures for messages I was putting out there on social, I found myself using the gallery SO much. I've downloaded so many images!"

- Natasha,  Life and Spiritual Coach

"I would spend a lot of time, and a lot of wasted time, scrolling on other platforms before I would land on that energetic match...Within 2 seconds in this membership I found something that had been missing for the 6 years of my business
I've been in the membership to find images for what I've already written but also as a way to evoke a creative process for myself as well."

- Sarah V, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner
Best Value
Billed Monthly
  • ✓ Access to over 2000+ (and growing) royalty-free stock images  ($50,000 value)
  • ✓ Suggestion box: add your ideas and grow the gallery together
  • ✓ Unlimited editorial, personal and commercial use
  • ✓ New artwork released weekly
  • ✓ Themed albums, easily find what you need
  • ✓ Add-on options for custom exclusive artwork
  • ✓ No-hassle, cancel any time
  • ✓ Price is USD
*Exemptions of royaly-free & commercial usage: no NFTS, no file resale, no wall art
* *Subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled. You can easily cancel from your account at anytime.

"I'm so glad I found it. And I absolutely love it. And I think you're going to love it too."

- Gian G.
 Reiki Practitioner | Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Our imagery supports a wide range of categories and styles, including:

  •  Sacred Geometry
  •  Hyper-realistic
  • ​Evolving Consciousness
  •  Spirit Guides & Animals
  • Fantasy
  • ​​Earth Portal
  •  Auras
  •  Chakra Healing
  • Sacred Union
  • ​Oil Paintings
  • Energy Healing
  • Inner Child
  •  Dream Catchers
  •  Wings & Feathers
  •  Crystals
  •  Moon & Lunar Power
  • Sisterhood & Priestesses
  • ​Forests & Light

Are you ready to make your business projects far more...inspirational?

Meet the Artist


I have been a professional artist and fine art photographer for 30 years with hundreds of happy clients and collectors around the world.
Making art to express my feelings is so incredibly vulnerable. AI art has given me a voice to share who I am on a deeper level. with more confidence
I'm so pleased to offer the most beautiful pieces of my art for your use.



How can I use this artwork?
Download what you want and use it anywhere online or in-person for commercial, personal, business, marketing and editorial usage.
You may NOT resell the artwork as files, prints, wall art or NFTs. 
How many artworks are in the VIP Membership level?
As of July 2023 there are over 2,000 in the VIP Member's Gallery! Plus we release 25 new pieces each week!
Can I cancel anytime?
Within the first 7 days (and zero downloads), if you look through the gallary and don't download or want to use any of it, we are happy to offer you a 7-day money back guarantee.

If you test out the images and artwork for up to 30 days (and 20 downloads), we are happy to cancel any future monthly payments and you will continue to have full usage rights to the 20 (or less) images downloaded.

If you download more than 20 images in the first 30 days and ask to cancel, you will be charged a $500 cancellation fee or be subject to penalties and fines associated with a violation of copyright law.
What if I want custom artwork that no one else can use?
You can purchase add-ons to create custom artwork. Custom add-ons are available if you want to print artwork for resale, such as oracle cards, book covers, coloring pages, etc. Other possible add-ons are logo creation, layout/creation for website/funnel artwork, custom wall art, etc.
Can I use the artwork with Canva?
Yes! Just upload whichever art you want to use into a folder or project inside your Canva account.
Can I use the artwork be used for commercial purposes?
You may use the artwork as you wish commercially, editorially and personally, however that does me the artwork is not available for the following reasons: to make NFTs,  to resell the files, or to make or sell as prints or wall art.
Will my payment increase after the sale expires?
No! Once you lock in your payment plan, you will be "grandfathered" in so no future pricing increases and change in sales rates will affect your pricing!
"When it comes to has to make me feel something. Magical Stock Art does that for me. It reaches people without words needing to be spoken." 

- Danielle H, Life Coach
"Prepare to be mesmerized and inspired by the ethereal charm and transformative power of these creations."

-  Jodi-Ann, Animal Intuitive
"It is exactly what I envisioned and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. So grateful!"
- Sara S, Healer 
"It is VERY important to me to only use high vibrational artwork and Magical Stock Art really meets my needs."

- Nicole S, Clairvoyant 
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